Cowboy Steve of Equus Rides, St. Croix, USVI

Cowboy Steve

Trail ride along the scenic North Shore and see St. Croix from a whole new vantage point, with Cowboy Steve and Kathryn! O'Dea provides gentle horses and instruction for riders of all levels. His warm personality and extensive horse knowledge will make everyone feel comfortable along the way!

Fox is a sweet boy and he loves Kathryn

Kathryn Duncan

Kathryn Duncan is originally from the great state Wyoming. Growing up in a rural area, she participated in all aspects of the agricultural community; horse showmanship and training, horseback riding, and good healthy country living. Kathryn recently arrived in St. Croix is involved with Cowboy Steve and Equus Rides, providing tourists with rides on the beach and swimming horses in the warm Caribbean Sea. Kathryn is a welcome addition to St Croix and has been involved in tourism and the hospitality industry for several years. Kathryn practices the gentle horse training methods alongside Cowboy Steve.


Family Oriented

We are a family oriented company proving horseback rides for 25 years and counting!!!

Our horses and staff accommodate riders from the age of four and up. And... we have a donkey named Eeyore who loves to give rides to children!

We look forward to seeing you and your family in future!