Off The Wall

Meeting Location

We meet at OFF THE WALL restaurant on the east end of Cane Bay on the  ocean-side. 

If you arrive on a cruise ship, please let the taxi driver  know that you would like to go to Cane Bay, to the restaurant called EAT  AT CANE BAY.  The specific restaurants names are available using Google Maps. 

Just down the street is  Cane Bay Beach located on St. Croix's north shore,  Scuba diving and snorkeling are  very popular here where less than 200 yards out is the drop-off called  Cane Bay Wall.    The ocean floor turns into a steep cliff that drops more than 2 miles deep along the Puerto Rican Trench.


"OFF THE WALL"  Menu includes Pizza, Burgers & Sandwiches, Starters, Salads & Specials -- and best of all a fantastic view of the ocean.

A short walk down the road is  the famous Cane Bay Wall, a fantastic beach for snorkeling and  scuba diving and snorkeling.   EAT @ CANE BAY Menu  includes many appetizers, burgers and sandwiches and salads.