Tour Information

Information about your horseback riding adventure!

WHERE TO MEET:  Riders who are staying are on the island, we meet at Off The Wall restaurant at Cane Bay on the north shore. Cruise ship passenger will need to arrange transportation via taxi, and meet us at the restaurant OFF THE WALL at Cane Bay.  Directions click here.

Latitude: 17.767319 Longitude: 64.819290

WHERE WE GO: Riders journey along the North Shore, through a historic sugar plantation at Rust Op Twist, along a beach in La Vallee and  into the sea with swimming horses.

WHAT TO WEAR:  Riders shall be solely responsible for providing their own safety  equipment, including but not limited to proper boots, riding attire, helmets and any and all other equipment worn by the rider to increase safety and to limit injury.

WHAT YOU MAY WANT TO BRING: Camera for pictures of great memories.  However if it is not waterproof be sure to have something to enclose it in.

Riders acknowledges that he/she will not participate in any Events or utilize the premises, facilities, equipment, or livestock if under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or have a physical condition that would impair his/her ability to understand and follow directions and participate without creating risk to others or him/herself.